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    <span class="jun">What’s your name, age and location?</span>

    I'm Elyes also known as Vortex,I'm living in Tunisia more exact in Ben arous.I am living in a humble house with my brother called Malek, my parents are understanding I can do whatever I want at any time I just need some motivation to make incredible things let's jump more deep in the following parts.

    <span class="jun">How long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall?</span>

    I started playing MTA in 2012. To the MTA I have 2 years playing SAMP. I found this beautiful server FFS Gaming and started to play it.

    <span class="jun">How often do you play?</span>

    I usually play 5-6 hours a day, On weekends i can play 11-15 hours per day!

    <span class="jun">Why should we choose you over others as a Junior?</span>

    I can offer many qualities but one of the main quality I can offer is; I can hear your part and hear the other guy, I don't listen to X without listening to Y first. As I mentioned before, I can deal with new people really good because I know how to communicate them, you have to be really patient and be kind to them to communicate with them and resolve their problems. Also i've been playing a lot at night and i see many rulebreakers there so i would like to punish them!

    <span class="jun">Contacts</span>

    <span class="jun">Additional information (optional):</span>

    I'm Elyes, I live almost in Tunisia. I study techniques and play in the server in my free time. I love to read, hang with friends when I got the opportunity and do all kind of crazy things that crosses my mind at the moment. I consider myself as trust worthy person. I got a kind nature, I can't be rude with anyone unless they deserve it, more than everything I love helping people in need, I won't ever abuse someone that needs me, and I prefer sometimes losing time or losing money in order to help people that need it and that deserve it. I like to earn the things with hard work, and even if I didn't do great, I like to show people I'm capable of more. I consider myself as a great friend, you won't ever hear or read me trash talking about any friend of mine in his back, if I got something to say I say it upfront. I love to learn new things, and I'm open for every kind of experience (as long as it is a good one) people can offer me and I'm also willing to share good things with people around me.

    Best regards, Vortex
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    I learned to count on few, only the loyal ones continue with me.

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