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    In-game: DRiVeR|eP!
    What's your name(s), age and location?:
    My name is Kristóf, in-game DRiVeR. I am 19 years old, and I live in Budapest, Hungary.

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:
    I've started MTA in 2011, though I don't find anything worth to mention until 2013, when I got a new computer and was finally able to finish maps. It became much easier, and that's exactly how my MTA career has started. A year later to that, I already joined some known clans and it felt good because I was noticed by other players. Improving my personality wasn't my only goal, but also getting known day by day. Perhaps that's the reason I joined FOTL in the summer of 2015. I became a successful WFF player there due to the tournaments DDC organised. I remember I couldn't handle the pressure as much as now, but on the other hand, it helped me a lot to understand how these kinds of matches work. In FFS, thanks to the clan wars and tournaments, I became the person as I am now, experienced in both WFF and DM clan wars. After leaving ffs, my main goal was to find a clan where I can have fun, so I went for xN. I spent 7 successful months there, nobody could beat us, we won every single clan war we played. To this day, I'm still not able to give a proper reason for my leaving, there was nothing related to the clan, I was just unmotivated and thought I could leave the WFF scene behind, probably one of the worst (if not the worst) decisions of my career. My membership in 6s didn't last long, I realized very early that I have no future here, and decided to leave after a month not to waste more time doing nothing. I reached a point where I mainly play mta to have some fun, but I just couldn’t find it in TfF anymore, leaving was a hard decision because I got really close to them, all respect to the loyal ones for keeping the clan alive, I'm happy I had the chance to be part of their community. The closure of 7m was unexpected and made me sad as well. The only thing I can do now is thanking them for allowing me to be part of their amazing community and providing an unforgettable atmosphere.

    Have you been in any other clans?:
    |-XpR-| - Xtreme Pro Racers
    [FOTL] - Firestarters of the Land
    -ffs- - For Fuck Sake
    xN# - Nitrous Racing
    6s| - Sixth Sense
    /TfF\ - The Favoured Few
    7m - Seventh Miracle

    Why do you want to join FFS?:
    I am keen to join your clan due to its leading position in the game, great organizing, professionalism and members I would gladly work with. Working with your team would enhance my knowledge and experience and I would, in turn, prove to be beneficial for your clan. I've been playing here mainly for years, and was always astonished by the new updates, would love to be part of one of the most hardworking clans in MTA.

    What are your goals as a moderator?:
    I am a dependable and diligent individual, I like to take on challenges and prove my ability to deliver better results even being under pressure. I enjoy working with others and believe that my strong communication skills will ensure that I can meet the expectations, I can adapt my communication style to reflect the needs of any audience. My experience has given me the skills to make a valuable contribution. These bullet points demonstrate that I can perform the major administrative duties.
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