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    Head of RUN
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    What's your name(s), age and location?:
    My name is Sebastian, I'm 21 years old and currently living in Munich, Germany but I'm looking forward to moving away in the near future.

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:
    I've known about the game since 2011 where I used to dick around mostly on Stunt servers like DKR and a single DM server (SKC). It was fun for a while but I left and returned 2 years later in April of 2013, that's where my MTA / FFS journey really started. My first gamemode was RUN which I'm still very fond of, there's something about it that just makes me come back to it every time. After a year - year and a half I started playing DM casually since it was kind of interesting at the time. I managed to join some nice teams (UC and later EoS) which I'm certain even helped me join FFS in some way. But it didn't last forever and I left (twice) to look for other places and opportunities. I then was part of other teams and projects which unfortunately lead nowhere for me personally. These days I'm still around playing RUN / DM and taking care of my RUN team Rs on the side.

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:
    FFS: I was part of the team twice but left both times due to being unhappy with certain decisions and wanting to explore other clans. I was still Junior every now and then, never fully leaving the community except for last year.

    SoR: Azula invited me to join in late 2015, it was a good experience but I missed FFS and I figured the team just didn't really fit me. Leaving after such a short stay is a decision I'm not at all proud of.

    6s: I was actually interested in joining since it opened and did so a few years after. My main task was testing maps but due to certain events and not quite feeling well in the team I left. Not a lot more to add here.

    Vultaic: Initially I only applied to be a simple moderator to help out with the server but I liked it so much that I joined the team and I think of it as one of the best decisions I made. When the server closed and a new team formed, I was ready to help out in any possible way. Sadly there wasn't anything I could do and I'm unfortunately really server orientated when it comes to teams so my decision was to help out in another team where I could be of more use, that's why I decided to apply here again.

    Why do you want to join FFS (again)?:
    Same old same old, my main reason is to take care of the RUN arena, which until recently didn't even have a Head of RUN. I know the maps, the players and the rules and think I could once again do a solid job moderating it. Apart from that, it's obvious that I'll always come back eventually, after all these years I have experienced a lot there is in terms of teams. I would like to settle down and enjoy my time in a place I know I can help out longterm and I think FFS and the RUN arena is the perfect place for that.

    What are your goals as a moderator?:
    My main goal is to take the RUN arena to where it was a few years ago: less abusers, more quality in maps, new ideas etc. and keep it like that. Similarly I would obviously do the usual things like punish players, keep everything clean and try to bring a nice atmosphere. And finally, I would just like to relax and have fun with other team members every now and then too and just enjoy my time in the team.

    Additional information (optional):
    I'm sure there's at least some doubt about me, given that I was already in the clan 2 times and left for very similar reasons but I can assure you that it won't be the case again. My stay in Vultaic really changed my mindset on certain things, especially that after all, this is just a game I'm playing to enjoy and not to take too serious. It's easier said than done but I'm ready to show you my commitment about it.
    Additionally, you may have noticed that I am not the most talkative person. It's unfortunate but once I get to know you better I usually talk some more.

    That's about it, thanks for reading my application! If there are any questions left, please send me a message over on Discord: Sebi#7133.
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