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    In-game: NatsuR
    What's your name(s), age and location?:

    My name is Karim, in-game I am known as Natsu. Im 21 years old. Im from Syria but currently living in Egypt, Cairo.

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:

    I have been playing MTA since 2010. The first server I attended to was -|DP|-. On this server I learnt everything I could about the DM scene, there I could stabilize the pillars of my skills. I managed to control the most type of vehicles, including hunter. As most of you know, my brother is Furious, I have joined to his clan, called Nothing To Lose, it was led by him and BEAST. After the closure of this clan, I have decided with BEAST to apply for XpR, and so we did. Fortunately, we both got accepted and I can proudly say, it was one of the best clan I have been in. After 1 year of presence in XpR, I and BEAST decided to re-open nTL and so leave XpR. We successfully reopened nTL in December 2016. We have received lots of request for joining. The clan was very successful in 2017, and so we managed to get 7+ win streak, yet the main team stayed the same during the entire year. In 2018, we have faced some difficulties because of the inactivity that occurred in the clan. Later on, I have decided to close it for a while and come back even stronger. During the time nTL was closed, some of my friends joined iW, so I decided I would give it a shot, too. In iW I developed my skills a lot and became a really good player in hunter. I left iW because we were ready to reopen nTL again. On 16th May 2019, nTL has been reopened. With the 3rd generation of nTL, we have almost won L7 DM season 3 but at the end, some of the main players lost their motivation, and so we lost from XpR with the score of 2-11 which we are not proud at all. Despite the fact, we were performing well throughout the whole season we decided to close nTL due to the lack of activity. Now, I am here to try out my luck in your clan.

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:

    1. |-XpR-| - Xtreme Pro Racers
    2. iW// - Iron Will
    3. |-nTL-| - Nothing To Lose

    Why do you want to join FFS?:

    I have several things to say about this question. You have various events for making this community a better place for others where can people actually enjoy the time they pass. I consider FFS as a major achievement I want to achieve in MTA. I also consider FFS as the best clan in MTA because of their presence in the race scene. I also want to join FFS because I am sure I could improve my administrative skills in your clan, also I could learn lots of new things from the other members and maybe, I could teach something with my experience as being a leader. I would like to play numerous clan wars with you as well. I got bored from inactive clans actually and FFS is far from being inactive. Your server also a masterpiece, the only one in MTA where people can actually play without a fear of the closure.

    What are your goals as a moderator?:

    Being a moderator is not a benefit actually, it has a lot of responsibility. The main and most important goal of me is to make the clan a better place. I would like to contribute to the DM Team with my skills. I am a really friendly and helpful person which makes me a good candidate to be one of your future moderators. I am ready to get rid of the rule-breakers. I have a lot of ideas to make the clan and the server itself a better place and to improve in its high quality.

    Additional information (optional):

    During my journey in MTA, my personality has changed in a positive way, I reckon. I have developed on my communication skills, my English and my conflict-managing skills as well. Every kind of question is appreciated, and if you want to know more about the closure of nTL, feel free to write me a Private Message.

    My discord is: Natsuki#0475
    My skype is: kemo-elking

    Thanks for reading!
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