1. Hello everyone.

    I want to present a new ft request from Tick and Takash, they are in search of one more member for this incredible second version of Mirage, if you want to finish it get in touch with them

    Discord: Tick#4167
    Discord: Takash#9711

    •Available 1080p

    •If you want me to record you map, contact me:
    Discord: Chipy#8663

    Song: Metrik - Gravity

    •Best Regards Chipy
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  2. 03-12-2019, 15:26
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    Re: Tick ft. Takash ft. ?? - Mirage II [FT REQUEST] 03-12-2019, 15:26 • #2
    Sadly I got few maps to finish , really wanted to be part of this map beacuse it inspires me a lot!
    Good Luck finding anyways.
    CarmY - Cometite II (10%)
    CarmY ft sFx - Old feelings II (2014 map) (20%)

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