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    In-game: AlpisT:M
    What's your name(s), age and location?:

    Otávio, 20, São Paulo, Brazil. My nickname in MTA: AlpisT or ALPT

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:

    I've been playing MTA since 2015. I started playing on ffs server, after a few months I met the ER and EfE server,where I started to dedicate myself playing old school and improve my times, in mid-2016, I met another server and started playing harder maps, iSG server, with some time showing my skills, I managed to get into one of my first clans Insane Style Gamers <3, it was on this server that I managed to improve a lot in speed and hard maps. In 2017 I met a new family, where I stayed for a long time, FR7 <3, played many cw's when I was on this team, and I was losing my nervousness, in 2018 I joined [INT], a very good team, where I could compete with strong teams and get to know better how it worked, I was able to show my skills, being MVP many times.
    Lately I'm looking for a team that plays specially WFF, because I wanted to help and learn more. :3

    What's your best achievement(s) so far?

    WFF 16 - 1/4 Finalist.
    WFF 17 - 1/4 Finalist.
    i got MVP in my first WFF vs a good team -ffs- vs [INT].
    Finalist with [INT] in SHC WFF Tournament.
    L7 - MVP in my last game, TfF vs 7m, 1/12.
    and some other achievements.

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:

    iSG| - Insane Style Gamers
    [FR7] - Furious Racing Seven
    LxG// - Latins Xtreme Gamers
    [INT] - International Team
    /TfF\ - The Favoured Few

    Why should we choose you over others as a Squad?:

    I can help in cw, wff and various other things, i'm a focused personactive player, I always stood out in the clans i was.

    Additional information (optional):

    I love the person who is reading.

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