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    2019. A year that we define as one of the most stable during FFS journey in terms of constant updates and perfectly scheduled tournaments, however, we say goodbye to outgoing year and look forward to the new opportunities which are going to knock at our door-step in 2020!
    We are grateful that you could be here to celebrate the holidays with us and share in our good cheer. May our hopeful wishes and free Premium warm you through the holidays!

    Server Updates

    Santa kindly asked us to reserve quite a decent portion of updates and so did we!


    After several suggestions we're adding Top wins to make the arena more challenging.
    What's considered as a win? Either president, that managed to survive or attacker that killed the president.
    Restrictions? Minimum of 10 terrorists online.
    In addition to that, picking any class other than terrorists until there are at least 50% terrorists will be disallowed.

    Clan Wars

    Introducing a new Redo Request feature, to allow both clans redo current map when needed.
    How does that work? One of the clan members has to execute /r command to initiate redo request process. Opponent clan has 10 seconds to either accept the request using /r command or decline with /n command. Initiators can cancel the process by /n command as well. The map is restarted instantly after request acceptance.
    Restrictions? Request won't be accepted if any of the accepting clan members is in water, air or is burning.
    Where does that work? DM, DD, Shooter & Hunter CW rooms.

    Another small, yet very time-saving feature is ability to Pick same maps when accepting a CW Request.

    UI 2.0

    We keep our word and constantly update interface elements. This time is no exception and we add Race Delay Indicator alongside Joinquit messages to our responsive UI family!


    Bugfixes & Improvements
    • Mapmanager: fixed infinite execution on slow machines @Sniper
    • CW Shooter: added missing changes (fixed vehicle tire desync, added killmessages, removed vehiclechange pickups)
    • CW Race: added missing change (respawn always on previous checkpoint)
    • Training: added race delay indicator to Race, Trials & Run maps
    • Voteredo: added to the rest of racing arenas (DD, Hunter, Shooter, Trials, HP, Run) & PTP.
    • Farstream: optimized and overhauled @PLASMA
    • DD: increased FPS limit to 55
    • Training: added DM Classic category
    • Roleplay: disallowed entering of empty restricted vehicles with broken doors @Sniper
    • CW Shooter: fixed multiple clan wars at exactly same time overriding each other
    • Run: added saving selected spawns feature

    Tournaments Outcome

    Lucky Seven 6

    Another L7 season ended, this time with a total dominance of Xtreme pro Racers. Outstanding performance allowed them to smash opponents with a score of 817 - 303 (+514) and 24 points - not losing a single match. Congratulations!

    Xtreme pro Racers
    817 - 303 (+514) | 24 points

    Midnight Team
    658 - 462 (+196) | 21 points
    Nitrous Racing
    594 - 526 (+68) | 15 points

    Lucky Seven DM 3

    3rd DeathMatch edition season of L7 comes to an end as well and we have a new winner. Congratulations to Xtreme pro Racers for winning their first trophy, you guys were unbeatable this season - 84 - 20 (+64) and 24 points!

    Xtreme pro Racers
    84 - 20 (+64) | 24 points

    Nothing to Lose
    67 - 37 (+30) | 18 points
    Iron Will
    64 - 40 (+24) | 15 points


    And to properly celebrate the holidays we're adding new trials into our team:

    And new WFF & DM team members:

    Welcome and enjoy your stay! For the others who weren't recruited this time, remember that we recruit new members every three months, so you can always post a new join request.


    2020 is the year FFS celebrates 10th anniversary and we already started preparing conforming updates.
    It's no secret we have been lacking tuning features in our set that was properly updated back in 2013. Tuning 2.0 is supposed to bring a decent amount of new features and refresh current ones.
    Stuntage 3.0 is being actively developed as well and we truly hope it can bring a new life to this fun arena!
    No dates set this time, however we will do our best so that it doesn't take long!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,
    Micra & Leadership
    AviTONYKarimyaniLuna^mkjagersRyZeMelihElevenjsebitaAnitaaLimBo*Sky#zGxtreme1KAZIKORobert_MLukaculzHediMertANTAR!NoNameZAdidasAeronRiviVarieN#RaunoKaroKarcsiCIFFONZeke#HardyNoc^FALT3NIchigo#N3zAXMarveLPLASMAMoonLorDNox23SheldoNHawK#SNXUSStonyalin#TheDragoN~TirnanoMaRTiN##BaZooKa^LUZIDPREDATORAkromZ!_Clown_Jake#Gaby#2289IsGh#BeTamidnight_kingBenjazYoka#BeastEnergyM3ssi!PolomyChaos'Lumb^BAUWZDMNKSkyressSaLnik0vNitroNVentraxEyecatcherDolfiMircearoUppeRKONASK*M3.E46.GTRNinJawonArtiXVuuaakew0SneaXArMexyhadiWolfhoje1brahimd1KubaMeraxesHamoriVitalic*RamssisReduszSkaarjSackOne*R/\CERQashqaiAturexnone[RAGE]Revolcee}~BraveyHeViDNK^StuntPoolRyDeRFrancis##MRGhostVULTUREXB0M^.^SupeR^Vadim1370RU.TonyKingofSpeedInsprakawazakiVonKastySt0pr0c3NTBariNitriX69*AtmacaDanny#m1a2m3#NekoshojixPunisherGrelek331SeKaToRRhae#Donat1k!ThoriNAlpisTEdepsiziRenoxMokkaCrystalAliQKracK!.thenicoNatsuhamodi1JessePinkmanSkreePyZeRoXy!Startseva#VirusMagnetVictoryEssoviusLookaTLewn#MaStFaHeathcliff*R!der*xDarK1nGLuminaireCascaDeDreamDanceF0XY1Prox^KaM!HomyatolJeremaYaSeNaScionzReaxerz#SopNawAkoskMznekenhoEvVoZ#Emix+RuSO+IceIceSka!#MRAhmed#Mor0^SmoK!nourddine9510~TonyxOAdemdoMayrouXevadishDeLeTeTrendsRitual#Muthroad)AnUsZeptoAlammWyverN.Gonzalez~iTRiCKS?Zsery#Mrrko1UjkuZaitsevSleepYMTAG0PR0Alcatraz#LegendEnfozerveeduSczhizWinterseaHiImSyrusRemiX*OsoS#FlokkZ!GerixZeRoN!N3xTH4TTY#MaNiCWatasNeMeZis1337TheMaRcInExAzTecK'ChpyzorMr.SkyTurk#CookieBLTZShaaneOnur#SkumbyDiatroNRapyon#Vamp!reGffPlaysmD|Weed.TRXeaTifouadIsmael160401Khaled#!|J|us|T|SrunweldxAlimahmuod1100W1NST0NFenixZFars#Abdulaziz al galladKirbyrxd2k1000Lykia!gothNikita338SekiR^GangstaJhonataN!alibaba2727Risen_44Mavrin11vEnomGrzybeKMagnuM0123DravenDravenLUCIDAtilaxriserFelixFelixLewdszSperkZPedrinbandaidSonny#aewsChaotic_-Refresh-_PopaEM1N3MA7med47MultikillerVTeavon#DrMcRoCK$TaRTKNKr1zeNedesbaba1R4NDY^ 

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    Congratulations to everyone, guess I will be trying again soon

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    Omg, finally! Gratz to all, especially Danny Sebi Edep!!!!

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    Gratz to y’all!

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    Oh my god. I'm speechless. Pretty certain that no other Christmas would ever live up to this one!

    Congratulations everybody & Merry Christmas!

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    Gratz everyone, nice one natsurat !
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    welcomeeeeee and merry christmas !

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    Congratz to all Members!!!

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    Thank you Micra, very cool!
    Chupa el pico

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