1. 14-02-2020, 17:11

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    In-game: |uD|*~AmUr~
    What's your name, nickname(s)(from the first to the present), age and location?:My name is Amur (the game was AmUr and new _Funny_*) I'm 19 years old I live in Russia, Kabardino Balkarian Republic

    How long have you played MTA: SA?: I started playing in 2016

    In which clans were you?: Immortal Dynasty,[Unknown Wolves], Fast and Dangerous

    Which game modes do you play?: I play in PTP,Shooter,DM mode, but I like it the most shooter

    Why do you want to join our team?:Because your clan is adequate,and I know some people in the clan

    What are your skills in-game?(how do you think):I think I'm very good at shooter, good at playing DM

    Tell us a little about yourself(a few suggestions):In 2016 I played PTP, then in 2018 I learned how to play shooter, I go into the game on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I play every day from 11 00 to 23 00

    Your Skype or Discord?:skype amur00743.

  2. 17-02-2020, 05:48
    Legend Of Shooter
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    In-game: #iProJump!
    Re: uP / _Funny_*'s join request 17-02-2020, 05:48 • #2

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