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    Hello community! I'm here today to help you create your own avatar with the glitch effect.

    I had done a tutorial like this before.
    But I decided to make a more updated and direct tutorial

    The effect, once completed, will look like the image below.

    giphy (3).gif

    Well, let's go! Firstly you will need a background image for your avatar. The measurements indicated by me for this project are 250x200 but you are free to use another measure counting that is not absurdly different from that proposed by me ok!

    You can use any image editing program to make this background, but to make your life easier I left some backgrounds ready for you to download just below, and just choose your favorite color and download!


    Now enter the site https://giphy.com/

    Click Log In, and log in with Facebook, Apple or your email and password. If you don't have an account, click '' Don't Have An Account? Join GIPHY! ''


    After logging into the site. Click on '' Create ''


    Now click on '' Choose Phoyo or GIF '' and search your computer for the background image you created or downloaded!

    Now on the next tab!

    1. Here you can see how your project is doing.

    2. Here you write your nickname, or whatever you want.

    3. Here you can activate the glitch effect.

    4. When you finish your project, click on the '' Continue to Upload '' button

    You can test other effects, fonts and colors if you want. But as the tutorial is for the glitch effect, I went straight to the point.


    On the next page!

    1. Choose between '' ON '' and '' OFF '' to make your project public or not.

    2. Click on '' Upload to GIPHY ''


    Your avatar is ready! Right click on it, and click save image as, choose a location on your computer and download it!

    If you are not going to use the image on the forum, you can stop here!

    But if you want to use it in your profile here on the forum, I will teach you on the link below!
    Because the site resizes the image and our forum only accepts images of size 180x100.


    I hope everyone enjoys this tutorial. The goal is to help those who do not have experience with image editing programs to be able to create a custom avatar for use in the forum and elsewhere.

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    I was wanting to do this, vlw bro <3 very simple and well explained tutorial

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    Obs: Anyone who has any questions or needs help. Feel free to contact me via pm!
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    nice!,thanks dude!
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    Very Good
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    Originally Posted by Zickend
    Very Good <3
    ty bro
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    Corrected the error in the download link of the backgrounds, all right now! Sorry for the inconvenience
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    nice tutorial
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    ty bro!

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