1. 17-03-2020, 13:35

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    This message is sent to everyone who knows me.

    Maybe it seems that it is time for me to leave the world. I played a lot with you, my love, and I enjoy with you even though I made a lot of mistakes. I know that these mistakes were only due to the English language, We start studying English in class 11 not like other countries so. I'm not saying this message to became famous or anything else. Well let's get into the topic. I felt some tightness in my chest last night and I said that it was only a small pain because of the movement in a sport but It turned out that it was a catch cold for my chest, I am sure that no one has a catch cold because it infect those who have weak immunity at this time of corona virus so i patience for at least a day but after that the disaster came, My heart hurts a lot, I went to the doctor and put a machine on my chest like a bike And he extracted some papers and he told me that a virus has entered your lungs and he will kill me if i don't do an operation for him.
    I just want to get a message across for everyone, if it comes to health, then do anything to save it.

    Whoever wants to discuss with big mind, I am here
    Avoid laughing, joking, and cursing at this moment
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    Al hamdulillah it wasn't coronavirus
    The stressors were the cause, iam fine now thanks all and there is some writing mistakes i haven't a heart disease the bitch doctor were wrong not me.
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    yes ok, welcome back

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    Welcome back
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