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    In-game: ^xKAZIKO#007<~

    What's your name(s), age and location?:
    My name is Ahmed aka TechnoGenuine (YouTube), I am 23 years old, born on 30th May, 1997 and I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:
    I have been playing roughly 10 years; I used to play on Arab drift servers, SKC Racing afterward a friend advised me to play on DDAS and 3R. Later on I wanted to play the server with the best gaming experience that is when I stumbled upon TG and FFS, currently my activity is mostly on FFS. The clans that I joined has given me a benefaction of expertise in various of fields which will be elaborated below. Over the years I focused primarily on DD (Random/Cross) as it is my favorite gamemode and my main motive was to relish, I wasn't much into skills however seeing how exciting the CW can be I decided to hone my skills. Sometimes I play on HDM to meet my friends or to enjoy the smooth gameplay and stunts. FFS never ceases to amaze me with their innovations, bringing in new spices to stimulate our gaming experience.

    Have you been in any other clans? (if yes, name them):
    Indicators: ⦿ Currently | ⦿ Left | ⦿ New Leader Kicked Most Members

    ⦿ SupremeTeamofFuckers [STF] (Member)
    ⦿ Destruction Derby All-Stars [DDAS] (Co-Founder)
    ⦿ Elite Racers 3R (Co-Founder)

    Within FFS Community
    ⦿ Essence-of-Speed [EoS] (Member)
    ⦿ The Rebels 007<~ (Founder)
    ⦿ Extreme Forces EF (Member)
    ⦿ Last Duty LsD (Member)

    Why do you want to join FFS?:
    I always had a passion to join FFS to contribute my skills and talents for such an amazing community who always strives for top and advancement. I would love to be part of this wonderful family, as veteran I am confident that I can be a great asset for DD and FFS in general. I am tolerant, understanding, mature whilst being well versed with FFS guidelines and implement it accordingly. My activity is mostly on DD and MG, I can moderate, minimize concerns and maintain a smooth gaming experience.

    I can attract potential players from YouTube or other social platform with more than 70K followers by streaming the gameplay or advertise (personal channel 85m impressions can enhance current FFS YouTube channel, with higher chances of earning revenue) in addition a graphic designer which I may be useful.

    What are your goals as a moderator?:
    To ensure the server and the overall community stays clean and abides the guidelines while retaining positive and fun atmosphere. As an experienced Junior with exceptional record, I am looking forward for a next step by handling more than an arena and a support for DD Development with the team. Things I could offer to the community:

    • Ability to Identify Suspicious Activities (ex. VPN, Cheats, Bug, Abusing FPS/Ping)
    • Professional Administration with Appropriate Evidence
    • Guide Newcomers and Entertain Our Community
    • Manage Events Responsibilities
    • Host Interesting Short Events
    • Monitor Language Chat

    • Keep the Forum Clean from Rule Offenders
    • Identify JR's that Plagiarised or False Info
    • Update/Archive Outdated Guidelines
    • Handle Reports in 3 Languages
    • Create Professional Threads
    • Revive Certain Activities

    Map Testing
    Clean up DD Maps (Deco Collision, Flickering, Irregular Alignment/Object)
    • Test DD/MG Maps Swiftly with Suggestions or Fixes

    Additional information (optional):
    I work at Emirates Airlines, in my spare time I do YouTube and cooperate with sponsors/companies (highly praised for my methods to convince customers). I am passionate of arts and crafts but known to be good at business and advising. If I get super bored or if my family insist, I go out for a desert drive and sometimes to get "chai" which you may know it as tea. Other than that thanks for reading my Join Request, hope to be part of this wonderful community and I wish the best to other applicants.
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