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    In-game: 67'Noc~!
    What's your name(s), age and location?:
    My name is Matteo, in game I am 67'Noc~!, I am 18 years old and I am from Uruguay, actually born in Montevideo, but moved to Salto.

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:
    I started to play MTA in 2013, after my family gave me a laptop with decent specs to play this game. Back then I used to play in SA:MP since 2011, and discovered MTA "by accident" looking for mods for GTA SA.
    So when I started playing MTA, I always wanted to play in servers with zombie gamemodes, Tsunami, etc. Those were small servers actually. So later in 2014, I decided to try a server with a bigger playerbase, so I found FFS Gaming, and started to play it as a guest.
    I started playing in Shooter, I was not that active back then because yet I used to play in other servers too. Then PTP got released and gave it a try too, I liked both, but due of my location I had problems with my ping so I had to leave Shooter, by doing so, I found Trials in 2015, I really liked that gamemode so I made this accont and I started to nolife on it, from there on, this server became the only one in which I was active.
    In 2018 my ping problems got fixed, so I came back to Shooter and kept playing Trials too, I became junior of Trials and I am gaining experience in Shooter, so nowadays I play Trials, Shooter and DM sometimes.

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:
    I have been in many community clans, because as a Trials player, a gamemode with a low playerbase, I always tried to have an active clan, so I tried many times with different clans but couldn't success. So in 2017 I got more goals so I decided to try other clans outside Trials. I will mention those clans that are worth to mention, because they had influence on my career.

    Streax Xtreme Sx// Leader, Closed.

    Legendary Trials LT// Co-Founder, Left.

    The Bomb Squad TBS// Founder, Left.

    Most Damnation mD| Member, Left.

    Over-Powered OP| Member, Left.

    Royal Family //R Member, Left.

    Zero Gravity zG' Leader, Left.

    zNation zN' CW Manager, Left.

    Essence-of-Speed EoS! My actual clan.

    Why do you want to join FFS?:
    I started to play in this server in 2014 and I have an interest of joining FFS team since 2016, back then under the nick "Mago", since then it became my biggest goal, because in this community is where I spend all my free time. This is a place with great members and players, in which you can have a lot of fun.
    Well so I have been applying only to this community in particular since 2016, I learned a lot in this community, and I never left it, neither I am planning to do such thing.
    I have experience in almost every gamemode here, I consider myself a loyal player and I had a lot of great moments in this place, and I am sure that more good and enjoyable moments are coming. I am a person that respects the rules and other players, and since I am really active in both server and forum, I would like to try to join to the administrative team.

    What are your goals as a moderator?:
    Well, as I said above, I consider myself as a respectful player so my goals as a moderator are mostly punishing rulebreakers, but also helping with administrative stuff such as map testing helping, players and more. But I guess the more important thing is that I want to improve the environment around players, and do my best to make this place better, a place in which players will have an enjoyable time.
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