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    Hello everyone I'd like to write a third junior application, hope you enjoy reading.

    Junior.pngWhat’s your name, age and location?
    My name is Mohamed or Hammudi, I am 21 years old I was born in 11th of January 1999, I live on occupied Palestine is now known as Israel.

    Junior.pngHow long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall? I started playing mta since 2008 in the beginning of 2009. I started with OS random server my best friend was with me there and he told me to play FFS gaming server and I just asked him about this kind of servers he told me there's many gamemodes like DM/OS/SHOOTER/HUNTER etc.. so next day we joined this server since October 2010 it was my first days at FFS, I really joined with his own PC and his own account and he taught me how to do an account and I did first account on FFS I played for a bit cause I were had my school and many activities didn't have a time to play in PC. So my friend left this game after 1 year and I still playing for nowadays.

    Junior.pngHow often do you play? I think I couldn't say how much I play actually when I have empty time.

    Junior.pngWhy should we choose you over others as a Junior?
    Well, I'm so active on stuntage room. Helping people who need to help and I can donate to other clans that I was do this thing before, during this time that I spent on FFS server it's the time to be a junior because when I leave this game to leave my mark to the next generation. So I have to be a junior to help these people and I will try my best to stay at FFS community such a pretty and friendly players that I met before. That I would do my best duties and responsibilities while I'm junior of stuntage.

    Skype and/or Discord

    Junior.pngAdditional information (optional):Trust on god is a success, this what I learned from this life, it is my third junior application as well. Everyone makes mistakes that is why they put erasers on penciles, Thank you guys for reading I'm sorry to waste your time for read my third junior application not bored but it's so fun to read.

    Best regards sincerely,

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    Re: x!Pro0<3*'s Junior Application 07-04-2020, 18:39 • #2
    I'm gonna fast reply it's Stuntage junior application my pc lost connection and doesn't saved as stuntage junior application wish admins could help me on this matter and thank you.

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    Re: x!Pro0<3*'s Junior Application 23-04-2020, 14:38 • #3
    Hello guys, I have some few words to say. In this period of FPS crisis I square some FPS problems on PC not so active like before and I'm waiting to fix these problems to play like before, thank you for reading.

    This post originally posted on 23/4, today 4/5 I can play aswell without any problems. Thank you.

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