1. What’s your name, age and location?

    SandwaveZ(Dhia), 17 y/o and I’m living in Tunis, Tunisia.

    How long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall?

    I’ve been playing in FFS since 2015.

    What is/are your best achievement(s) so far?

    Reached the fourth stage in TDM tournament which was hosted by TC/PunK ( Lost versus Floxbiee )
    • I won several hard clanwars when I was in TC DD team.
    • I intend every xDD tour and I earn a decent amount of points. ( 2nd in Tour #21 )
    • I was the co-leader of a clan called SK ( Savages Kingdom ) and I took care of DD section, we were very active and we won several clanwars versus hard clans such as 6s, but the clan died 1 month after the grand opening.

    Have you been in any other clans? (if yes, name them):

    • [FOTL] Firestarters of the Land | Trial | 2016 | Left:
      Nothing to say about FOTL, there was a great atmosphere there until some trials ruined it.

    • SK// Savages Kingdom | Co-Leader and DD team captain | 2016 | Closed:
      I got invited to lead this team right before I join EPG, but unfortunately we couldn’t survive because members started leaving.

    • ~[EPG]~ European Pro Gamers | Trial | Kicked due to inactivity:
      I waited for almost 6 months to join EPG, which is a long time to be honest, but I was patient, but after I joined the clan as a trial, I wasn’t active in the main server so I got kicked.

    • ‘TC| The Crew | Member | 05.11.2016-04.11.2017 | Left:
      One of the best clans I’ve been into, it was simply the perfect clan to settle down in, but after one year of membership, turns out it’s not (atleast for me) due to some bad decisions taken by leaders, but well I don’t blame them for that.. they’re leaders after all.

    Why should we choose you over others as a member of CW Squads?

    To be honest, I think of myself as a decent and loyal DD player, and I was a part of huge DD communities and that’s something that I’m proud of, even though I didn’t take part of all the major events such as long-waited clanwars or clanwars versus decent clans.
    This may not interest but it has something to do with my DD career; I’m also a DM player, I’ve been playing DM clanwars in TC for almost a year now, and to be honest it was hard to focus on DM and DD in the same time and to be honest, playing DM clanwars wasn’t a great idea because I lost my ‘’ DD skills ‘’ ever since I started playing DM, which is why I decided to stop playing DM and entirely focus on DD to develop my skills once again.
    I played more than 200 clanwars in my career, I played most of them when I was in TC and I wanted to make that number bigger and bigger, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible due to several reasons. This is why I’ve chosen FFS as ‘’the last chapter of my career’’, my plan is to stay in FFS no matter what, and be useful in DD clanwars and have a good relationship with the whole team and I’m sure that’s gonna happen since I have friends in FFS DD squad like Ertan, we know each other for a long time and we get along so well, and I could say the same thing about the others.
    I’m not the perfect DD player you’re looking for, I do mistakes even in clanwars, but I learn from them most of the time, I play most of the clanwars with high confidence in myself and also in my team and in my opinion, that’s the key of victory. DD is different about any other gamemode, it’s about unity and teamwork, and that’s my main goal.. having a good connection and teamwork with my team mates. I’m also active, I rarely miss events and clanwars and I’m active in the main server as well.


    Skype : 93131766

    Additional information:

    • I've been in many clans in FFS, such as:
    • -Physion's Rave Cave | Trial
    • -SiriusBauss | Leader
    • -JUST TITTIES NO BS | Member>Leader
    • Above Expectations | Founder

    I was also a Hunter junior.

    That’s it, I hope you enjoy reading my request, take care!
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    Re: SandwaveZ's squad Application 20-12-2017, 11:42 • #2
    //EDIT: I added some informations related to my achievements in DD, also I'd like to announce that I'll be inactive in the next 3 days due to some family matters, see you till then!
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    Re: SandwaveZ's squad Application 31-12-2017, 11:19 • #3
    Sandwavez is accepted in DD squad. Welcome!

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