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    Re: Server Changelog (Latest Update: 15.02.2019) 06-08-2019, 20:27 • #71
    06.08.2019 - DM Voteredo, PTP Vehicles & Improvements!


    • Signatures: replaced several signatures with new ones and remastered those which were kept: @PREDATOR

    • Voteredo: added /vr to vote for current map to be replayed (requires 70% of players to vote - may be added to more Arenas)
    • Maps: reduced cooldown before the same map can be bought again from 2h back to 1h
    • Maps: every 2nd map is now random (instead of every 3rd)


    • Shooter: added /jump command to allow for custom key binds
    • Stuntage: reduced all rewards by 50% to reduce inflation and prepare for an upcoming update

    • CW: fixed an exploit where players could leave their clan while playing a Clanwar allowing more players on their team
    • RUN: fixed an exploit where bunny jumping could be faster than sprinting
    • Sidebar > Settings: fixed chat settings not being saved across sessions

    Protect The President:
    • Vehicles: added 1659 static vehicle spawns across the whole world (Special Thanks to [S]onix & Vuc)
    • Hunter: reduced the amount of Hunters from 3 to 1
    • Rhino: reduced the amount of Rhinos from 3 to 1
    • Points: fixed a bug where players would not receive double points during events
    • Double Bonus: added temporary 2x Bonus on Points & Cash

    Update status: LIVE!
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    Re: Server Changelog (Latest Update: 06.08.2019) 12-08-2019, 00:41 • #72
    12.08.2019 - Roleplay Update

    Attention: As a consequence of extreme reward exploitation in certain missions and when busting, job EXP has been reset for all players. We are deeply sorry for the drastic step and understand your anger. Our goal is to make the progression equally fair for everyone.

    Improvements: @vEnom
    • Nametags: added Wanted Level, disabled color codes, added healthbars & no more visibility through walls
    • Busts: bust rewards are now capped at 10 Wanted Levels
    • Busts: leaving or suiciding while being attacked/chased will now reward the attacker & jail the criminal regardless
    • Jail: slowed increase of jailtime growth. Jailtime is now growing quadratically until 10 Wanted Levels (~50 min) and then linearly by 60 seconds for each additional Wanted Level
    • Jail: helping a prisoner escape will now give Wanted Level
    • Jail: all jailtimes have been cleared
    • Radar: prioritized mission blips to always be on top
    • Military: increased EXP requirements for Hydra, Hunter & Rhino

    Bugfixes: @vEnom
    • Missions > Burglary: fixed a bug where player could grab the reward indefinitely
    • Missions > Racket Protection: fixed a bug where player would receive rewards in an infinite loop
    • Carjacking: fixed receiving Wanted Level for jacking own vehicle back from thief

    Update status: LIVE!
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    Re: Server Changelog (Latest Update: 12.08.2019) 14-08-2019, 08:45 • #73
    14.08.2019 - Roleplay Update #2

    • Military: adjusted weapons to be balanced with police and criminal factions
    • Suicide: disabled suiciding using /kill
    • Health: save health when player is respawned at last known location
    • Jail: jailtime is now linear at 60 seconds per Wanted Level

    • Gunshop: fixed a bug where you could buy weapons for free when having less money than required
    • Black Market: fixed being able to sell faction vehicles which would not respawn afterwards

    Update status: LIVE!

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