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    Hello Everyone!

    Let me gladly introduce our new community clan, called Magical Skills! This thread will cover numerous aspects of the clan, including our history, principles and even future plans.

    Magical Skills (shortly MS) was clanwar based Destruction Derby clan, which has evolved into a bigger community under the new leadership in 2019. Thanks to FFS server, we found a place where we could start building our community, and joined hundreds of players across different gamemodes. Development has started in May, and by now MS covers many gamemodes, not only one. I am pretty sure you are not interested in every little detail of our history, so lets just skip it and dig deeper.

    Who are we and what do we represent? We are a bunch of mature players, who play and chill together. In big clans you would expect crazy atmosphere and chaotic relationship between the members, but I can truly tell you, in MS we don't have such phenomenon. We somehow obtained a very friendly atmosphere, where people play together without personal fights or bad feelings. Our main arena is DD, but we have players in Shooter, DM OS and even HDM. We have a Discord server, where you can always talk with someone around, basically a life saver for boring hours at work or at uni!

    What can we offer? As I mentioned above, we provide a friendly and welcoming community, fun and a place where you can improve yourself both in in-game skills and morally. We give chance to people who are socializing harder than others by inviting them, for example many of current MS members didn't have any other teams before us. However, we do not tolerate disloyal people (clanjumping) and troublemakers. If you are a kid who talk a lot with caps lock on, and doing crazy stuff, this place is not for you also. Back to our advantages, let me show you something new. Membership in Magical Skills can be a unique experince!

    MS Leadership presents more fun than ever before, by introducing Levels and Points:

    - Clan and Battle Levels are available for every Clan and Squad Members. We are about to start off our self-made level system, what grants extra fun and challange.

    - No levels exist without points, therefore we made a prototype for our self-made point system. Gaining points will level you up, allowing you to climb the ladder, and become a significant and remarkable part of our growing community.

    *Detailed information about these features will be given in a specialized thread.*

    What plans do we have in the future? First of all, we wish to polish our clan structure alongside with our points system. We also wish to grow our memberbase; covering gamemodes better would be fantastic to prevent certain members from playing alone. I find it my duty to fulfill my members' wishes, if they are happy in here, that makes me happy too. Our long-term goal is to grow up to the current huge communities. It takes time and effort, but improving the gaming environment and building a nice community worth it. We use our spare time to play this damn-old game and we wish to have fun after all.

    Did you like what you read? Write a Join Request here, recruitment is open.
    Click to join our Discord server > DC

    MS Leadership
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