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    Hello there, this is most of my maps released (and not released yet) vault.

    All links are hosted in mediafire.

    First era (++)

    Year Name Description Download
    2013 [DM]RuSO +v1+ Surprise Buttsecks Crazy as fuck, terrible mapped, the idea is still fresh nowadays LOST
    2013 [DM]RuSO +v2+ PRETTY GREEN ONIONS Y'know.. pretty green onions, barely playable.. but pretty. Link
    2013 [DM]RuSO +vol3+ Staple Taple Worms Creepy song. Quite more playable. LOST
    2013 [DM]RuSO +vol5+ Bug Hunt Typical WFF map, plain and boring but from 2013 Link

    Finest Hour dictatorship (±±)

    2014 [DM]RuSO ±vol7± Finest Hour The translation of FH might not be what I thought it was back in the day but meh. There are some parts which are pretty bad mapped but is okay. Link
    2014 [DM]RuSO ±vol8± Gothic Fest Pretty underrated, even by me. Track in some parts could have been better. Rushed Link
    2014 [DM]RuSO ±vol9± Finest Hour II My favorite map from me. Still can't figure out how I made it up so fast. I love the map vibe, this map gave me a little of reputation, nowadays it is forgotten but that's what life is. Link
    2015 [DM]RuSO ±vol10± Bug Hunt II Here I discovered my unbeloved nemesis.. SLOWLOAD! Link
    (Finest Hour III is at the last table)

    "Why don't you just put numbers instead of letters??" era ( | X- | )

    2016 [DM]RuSO | XI | Teardrop Initially it was meant to be a feat, didn't had any faith on it. Link
    2015-? [DM]RuSO | XII | Joit Bipa If you see this map released anytime means I'm quitting MTA. Not Released Yet
    2019 [DM]RuSO | XIII | Masked RollerCoaster Probably my most hated map, couldn't care less, I wanted to do it and that's all that matters, am I wrong? Link
    2019 [DM]RuSO | XIV | Caligula's Jump motherfucker, jump!! Link


    2013 [DM]RuSO ft. WazeR - Rise of the Sky Noobs making feats elemaus, what can go wrong? Well, despite that, the map is quite decent. Link
    2013 [DM]Drew ft. RuSO - Higher *GUILE THEME INTENSIFIES* Link
    2013 [DM]Atzen ft. TNT ft. RuSO ft. WazeR - Speedy Gonzalez Ladies and gentlemen, the most radical speed map ever, definitely not bugged or bad mapped Link
    2014 [DM]RuSO ft. WaRRiO - The Dark Side This map have very interesting track ideas, both of us didn't have many experience in mapping so these ideas can be bugged sometimes, still pretty unique Link
    2014 [DM]RuSO ft. Dnts45 ft. WaRRiO - The New Order (Mexican Power) I changed the name by my cojones because Mexican Power was pretty cringy. There's a loop where markers can ruin it all, despite that the map is fun imo Link
    2015 [DM]DeXteR ft. RuSO - Beneath the Surface I actually like this one, despite DeXteR thought I said his part was bad or something, sadly didn't got any popular. Link
    2015 [DM]Cookie ft. RuSO - Hardlands Hardstyle song + land_04 = Hardlands -___ - Xoxo Galleta Link
    2015 [DM]RuSO ft. GuillhermE ft. Nataam - Last Living Souls When LLS2? Link
    2014 [DM]RuSO ft. Dnts45 ft. Netsky - Cloudy Day We literally finished this map and forgotten it, released a year later. This map is pretty enjoyable but some parts are quite strange. Link
    2016 [DM]RuSO ft. Drew - Becie Be sie is that kind of map where song is relaxed as fuck but track is catastrophic. Link
    2016 [DM]RuSO ft. Drew ft. FachX ft. Gasoil - Up there It was Rise of the Sky 2 originally but WazeR left, thankfully this map became something better, props to Gasoil and FachX because they made out this map look amazing. Link
    2015 [DM]Lu1s ft. WaRRiO ft. RuSO - Surfakyrie Black-sky HDM map, how original. Actually is not that hard and is pretty fun, I made up the trolliest parts ever here f.e. hunter part, so sorry haha. Link
    2017 [DM]Nexelon ft. RuSO - Bleed Are you waiting for a miracle? Link


    2016 [DM]RuSO - Finest Hour III I love this map, I think Finest Hour series couldn't have a better end, despite slowbugs *cough* Link
    2013 [DM]RuSO V4 - Engineer's Day Off This is my first nightstyle map. Terrible bad mapped, I like the jump script part. It's too epic Link
    2014? [DM]RuSO v6 - Reflector This is my second and last nightstyle map. Both of them are non-listed for a reason, you know. Link
    2014-2019 [DM]RuSpeed - Jositz This map was soo good in 2014, but my PC decided to fucking borrow it, thankfully I found it on OneDrive years.. later.. when.. it was.. nothing innovatie/new Link

    That's all my maps so far.. I didn't thought they were so much, especially feats. I'll keep it updating everytime I release something or fix something (haha sure) xoxo cya next time UwU
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    Release date: 2020

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    You are the king , thanks for sharing them all.
    Must learn a lot from you.

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    legendary mapper

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    Originally Posted by +RuSO+
    That's all my maps so far..

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    [DM]Atzen ft. TNT ft. RuSO ft. WazeR - Speedy Gonzalez
    [DM]Dnts45 ft. RuSO ft. WaRRiO - Mexican Power
    [DM]WaRRiO ft. RuSO - The Dark Side

    These ones are missing

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    you look cute

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    Ruso: hardstyle = Cookie when hl2

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