1. What's your name(s), age and location?:
    My name is Krystian, I’m 17 years old. I was born on the 2nd of July 2002. I live in Jelenia Góra, Poland.

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:
    I've been playing MTA since 2011. For the first year I was playing on freeroam and RPG servers, then I found polish DM/DD server called Polish Pr0 Server, where I learned how to play DM. After a long time of playing MTA my friends showed me what is WFF, and I liked it. Nowadays I'm playing only on FFS and I'm not planning to change that.

    What's your best achievement(s) so far?:
    WFF 16 - 1/4 (Debut)
    WFF 18 - 1/4
    WFF 19 - 1/4
    WFF 20 - 1/4
    L7 5 with xN - 3rd Place
    L7 6 with xN - 3rd Place

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:
    XPC Xtreme Pro Clan - Closed
    AiR Awesome in Races - Left
    nFw no Fucking way - Closed
    W Wanderers - Closed
    7m Seventh Miracle - Left
    TfF The Favoured Few - Left
    xN Nitrous Racing - Left

    Why should we choose you over others as a Squad?:
    I know that in FFS I'll have to train hard, and I'm sure I'm ready for that. Just the thought of playing for such a big community, gives me motivation to excel. Moreover, I'm playing mainly WFF for quite a long time now, so I'm pretty experienced in passing maps fast.
    Also, I'm pretty decent HDM player. I used to nolife hard maps before I get to know that there is something like WFF.

    Additional information:
    I'm a person who likes to joke around. Sometimes my jokes are incongruous, but I never have an intention to offend anyone. However, if I did it I want to apologize from this place. All I want is to leave all the dramas in the past.
    Apart from that, I'm just a simple guy who is in the second grade of high school. Besides hobbies like computer games, or watching TV series I recently became interested in powerlifting, and from this year I started going to the gym.

    Thanks for reading, and cya in game.
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