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    The global pandemic has got everyone in lockdown. It ditched us all in the boredom aura. Therefore, FFS community is delighted to announce that this classic and much loved contest will be getting a new edition. Welcome to the sixth edition of FFS Gaming Mapping Contest!

    General Information
    • Categories: DM, DM OS, Race, FDD, DD, Shooter, Stuntage, Trials, HP, RUN, PTP, Minigames, CTF & Garage.
    • What is FDD? It's the abbreviation of Fun Destruction Derby. FDD map has a random vehiclechanger placed in the center of the map. Map contains wide roads to fit all vehicles. In example: [FDD]Martin ft. Holzhocker - Random Luck
    • Each category will have 3 winners
    • You are allowed to enter more than one category
    • Maps must follow FFS Mapping Guidelines
    • Feats are allowed. Prizes will be equally split between the authors.
    • If you are banned, contact FFS Leadership to confirm participation.

    • Maps released since March 1st, 2020 are allowed to participate.
    • Garage, CTF and FDD entries are sent to Micra privately while all other maps must be uploaded to FFS Gaming main server.
    • Do not reply unless your map is ready. Entries made to be placeholders will be deleted.
    • Do not post off-topic replies.
    • You will need to make entries for each map.
    • You can make up to 3 entries per category.

    You can sign up your entries by replying in this thread using the format provided below:
    Map Name:
    Category: Garage / DM / DM OS / Race / FDD / DD / Shooter / Stuntage / Trials / HP / RUN / PTP / Minigames / CTF
    Description: Here you can provide detailed information about your map, meaning behind your creation (if any), story or background. Anything that you find necessary to share. Do not forget to mention if your map is exclusive for FFS (optional)

    Map Video (Required for DM/OS maps)/Screenshots (Required for all maps)
    Deadline: June 20, 2020.

    Voting System
    We have perfected our voting formula this time around, certain amount of experienced individuals (FFS & non-FFS) will be chosen to be on judge. This has been done in order to airtight the entire process of awarding only the most deserving of all in each category. It is hoped that through these changes, we only add to our reputation of being one of the most respectable mapping contests.

    Here comes the most awaited part. We're putting out a special grand prize for those contestants who manage to amaze us by their well-made entries. The prize scheme is as follows:
    Garage is going to be a part of Tuning 2.0 and we want our community to participate in this update as well!

    Trophy In-game Money Premium Status
    1st Place
    €20 real cash & $1,000,000
    4 Weeks
    2nd Place
    2 Weeks
    3rd Place
    1 Week

    Minigames & FDD and CTF Entries

    Trophy In-game Money Premium Status
    1st Place
    4 Weeks
    2nd Place
    2 Weeks
    3rd Place
    1 Week

    Trials Entries

    Trophy In-game Money Premium Status
    1st Place
    4 Weeks
    2nd Place
    2 Weeks
    3rd Place
    1 Week

    Other Entries
    (DM, DM OS, DD, Shooter, HP, Race, Stuntage, RUN & PTP)
    Trophy In-game Money Premium Status
    1st Place
    4 Weeks
    2nd Place
    2 Weeks
    3rd Place
    1 Week

    50% Bonus if your map is exclusive for FFS
    * applies to DM & DM OS only.
    Note: In case authors decide to share exclusive maps, the 50% bonus reward will be revoked with possible sanctions applied.

    Good luck!
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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 29-04-2020, 16:24 • #2
    Author(s): @salfi @Brazik
    Map Name: [HP] Salfi Brazik - Going Broke
    Category: HP
    Description: The map was made by me and Brazik. The idea for this map was to show a contrast between a rich, modern life and slums. From where the name came from, going broke. The map finishes on a train station which we meant as the main protagonist losing everything and going away from the town to start a new life.

    Map Video: https://ffs.gg/threads/99352-HP-Salf...ik-Going-Broke

  3. 29-04-2020, 17:39
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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 29-04-2020, 17:39 • #3
    Author(s): @Nebla.
    Map Name: Nebla v7 - Mass Effect
    Category: DM
    Description: I made a content map it's called Mass Effect because when i discovered this game, i wanted to make a fan map about it. I have uploaded the map here first. but downloadable. there are reapers attacking the city and our goal is find a way to destroy/defeat them. Check 3:09 on my map and compare it with this video: > (0:46) < I have tried to make my best at this stage, and made it smiliar a bit as how it should look in mta.
    I have put minor details like water drops (at the begining of the map) and also there has a spaceship (Normandy)

    Other details:
    flying cars (Cyberline) at 0:01 , 1:02 , 1:13 , 1:32 , 1:59
    spaceship (Reaper) at 1:11 , 2:07 , 2:15 , 2:29 , 2:45 , 2:52 , 3:05(Runing to the beam by Mass Effect 3) 3:57 , 4:06
    spaceship (Normandy) at 1:02 , 2:32 , 4:07
    elevators at 3:50 , 4:02
    gates at 1:19 , 2:07 , 3:37 , 3:41 , 3:45
    explosions at 1:02 , 1:05 , 2:27 , 2:33 , 2:52 , 2:59 , 3:09 4:05(biotic explosion)
    in-game sounds at 2:06 , 2:29 , 2:45 , 2:53 , 3:00 , 3:08 to 3:21(Reaper's Voice), 3:29 , 4:14(Admiral Hackett's voice)
    cast from @Nebla. is smiliar to the cast of the mass effect game. starts from 4:40 to 7:40 > Mass Effect 3's cast: <
    stargazer at 7:41 (also it's a referance to my next map "Planet-X") here is the > original <

    There are two chooice mode as in the Mass Effect game.
    Option one: if you go to left in the last part, you gonna see all reapers are flying out (Control ending) now all reapers has controlling by you.
    Option two: if you go to right in the last part, you gonna see the reapers has dropped. (Destroy ending)

    you can download, here

    here is the video;

    Thanks @Rhae for recording! by the way, intro is a referance to Mass Effect's introduction video.

    Best Regards,

    -ffs-AnUs: Declined. Maps released prior to March 1st, 2020 are not allowed to participate.
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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 29-04-2020, 18:16 • #4
    Author(s): #SILVER
    Map Name:#SILVER-Escape from this forest
    Category: RUN
    Description: the idea of this map is escaping from the forest thats it

    Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/pZBJdz8

    -ffs-AnUs: Declined. Maps released prior to March 1st, 2020 are not allowed to participate.
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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 29-04-2020, 18:28 • #5
    Author(s): Leo
    Map Name: Leo - Trials Evolution V10
    Category: Trials
    Description: As one of my favorite map I made during my period as trials mapper, it would be a pleasure to upload a video and showing to people how awesome is it. As well as it is my V10 release I had to put it as much effort as possible, since V10 means a special number for me. The decoration itself makes this map looks pretty awesome as well as the obstacles too. Easy to play, and easy to end. Not the best video-maker but I hope you like and enjoy it!

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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 29-04-2020, 22:10 • #7
    Author(s): @AlcatrazZ!! @LnK @CristiaN^^

    Map Name:[DM]AlcatrazZ Ft LinK Ft. CristiaN - Follow The Light

    Category: [DM]

    Description This map has a beautiful sky, combined with a special hell to match the map, accompanied by the amazing decoration that took a long time, various problems with this map, a map that did not come to light after almost 1 year since We started with these two characters and it came to light last year, exactly on June 6, 2019, it was an incredible experience, I never did this type of clues, it was something that made me learn more, this map represents An adventure about discovering the world DM's quieter, relaxing trip accompanied by galaxies, that's how I describe it.

    -ffs-AnUs: Declined. Maps released prior to March 1st, 2020 are not allowed to participate.
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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 29-04-2020, 22:44 • #8
    Author: Sebi
    Map Name: [RUN] Sebi - Turbo Killer
    Category: RUN
    Description: The map was originally uploaded in early February but deleted and updated until fully fixed in March. You can decide if that counts or not!
    About the map: Kind of a hard map with the main focus being a teleportation rifle.

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  8. 30-04-2020, 02:26
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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 30-04-2020, 02:26 • #9
    Author(s): Lukaculz
    Map Name: [GG] Lukaculz - Lejano Oeste
    Category: Minigames (Gungames)
    Description: So this map was made to bring something "fresh" to minigames arena. I decided to combine some old-town type of objects to give that western vibe. Hope you like it.

    As you can see, there is two levels on the left & right side of the Industrial part and the main site in the middle.
    Top view

    I also added two piers in the front and back sides. More screenshots:
    1st place L7 Season 2
    1st place L7 Season 3
    1st place L7 OS Tour 5

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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 30-04-2020, 02:53 • #10
    Author(s): @#Duo^
    Map Name:[DM]Duo . TheJungleR
    Category: DM
    Description: this is map simple and easy and it contains awesome deco and track For everyone to admire

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